Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tanner was here!

Tanner came down for 2 weeks! They were attached at the hip the WHOLE time, it was so cute;)

I love this picture, they were watching the fireworks!

He's really a good kid ;)

This ones a's going up in the beach house :)

How sweet!

"I don't see any fishys Mommy!"

My Happy Chub!

This is usually what happened every night......they would play so hard at the beach that Fin would pass out in the middle of something!

Watching a movie on the top bunk! Fin thought she was such a big girl b/c she usually doesn't get to be on the top bunk!

Nash is a good beach sleeper b/c he listens to the ocean every night when he sleeps!

They would just sit and talk ;)

Nashy ;)

I guess I was tired!

She was soo sad when he had to go home! They both cried!


Miss Attitude ;)
Lately I'll say "Fin, loose the attitude!" and she'll say "Mom, I'm TRYING to loose the tude!"

This picture makes me laugh!! Tanner just got in there to be funny and when she realized that he could fit she made him drive her around all day!!

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  1. I love all these pictures! It looks like the kids had a blast at the beach! Tanner is growing so fast, last time I saw a picture of him I think the was really young. Nash is getting sooooo big! And I love Finlee's "tude"!