Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Johnson Family Reunion

For Memorial Day weekend we flew to Cape Charles, Virginia to visit Kris' dad, step-mom, and his 2 brothers and their families! This is the only picture that we got together but it turned out to be a really cute one ;)

The kids spent the whole weekend playing on the jeep and 4 wheeler! Fin loved it because poor thing never gets to ride on hers because we live on a huge hill!

Getting a fishing lesson from Grandpa Gary :)

Finlee found this when we were at the beach and said "Look Mommy, its Nemo's house, its a sea anemone!"..........what can I say, she's a genius ;)

What a cute picture besides the fact that my daughter has carrots in her teeth!!

More fun entertainment for the kids .....and Kris b/c he's dying for a 4-wheeler
(momma says "NO")!

Harlin and Fin even rode in the mornings in their pj's!

This is Grandpa Gary putting on his sunscreen!! He kept us cracking up the whole weekend! I've definitely realized where Kris comes from! They are JUST alike :)

Watching the fireworks!!!

Entertaining herself at the airport......little Kris!!!!

If your thinking there's a child missing then your right! Nash stayed with Mimi, my 1st time away!!!
Oh yea! I made it back with ALL 24 bags of milk that I pumped!! All that stress over getting them back with one freezer bag for nothing!! They were all still frozen :) Just call me the breast-feeding queen!! LOL!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Have you seen my baby?

Does anything look suspicious to you?????

Finlee thought she would try it too ;)

While on Daddy duty Kris thought it would be funny to put Nash in the toy box!
He didn't mind it at all :)

She does her "bird watching" at the top of her playhouse.

And again........another photo shoot and THIS is the ONLY picture where they are both halfway smiling!
I can't be picky........Good job Steph ;)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fin's Friends

This past weekend we went back to the beach with some friends of ours that have twins - Bailey & Micah :) They are 6 months older than Finlee and they just LOVE playing together!

The porch was their favorite hangout spot!

Saturday we got a pontoon boat and went to "Shell Island" for the day! It was a lot of fun! As you can see Nash went too! This picture cracks me up! He's such a good baby....he just sat there just like this the whole boat ride! The life jacket didn't bother him at all.......and yes I know what your thinking, I did adjust it to fit him better AFTER the pictures ;)

This is what he did most of the day on the island!

The ride back was a little bumpy, so Fin made sure she held on to them!

The hangout spot :)
Bailey had a baby frog that she caught in her left hand!!!!! It's name was "Baby Froggy"
Needless to say the "Baby Froggy" didn't make it long :/
After it quit peeing in her hand we knew something was wrong !
3 year olds are soo funny :)

Finlee: "So you see Micha, you just tell your dad over and over that he's The Best Daddy In The Whole World and then you'll get exactly what you works every time!
Micah: "Oh, I see....I'll have to try that!"

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nash is 4 months

Look at these 2 pictures of Fin and Nash.....they have the same eyes

What a sweet picture!

Finlee LOVES her brother! I just had to put this picture up to show off his "man boobs!" I know he'll really love me for that one day, but he's such a chub and I LOVE it!! We went for his 4 month check up on this day and he weighed 18lbs. 12 oz!! The doctor said he is the size of a 7 month old :)

Finlee decided to put on her ballet outfit that is too small and dance around the house this morning!! She was taking ballet last fall until the horrible toe accident!!! It has just now healed back together and so we will definitely be getting back into dancing soon!

I wish I had this much energy at 7 in the morning!!

She said, "Enough with the camera Mom....I'm done!"

This is the look I got b/c I got the camera out to record her singing ;)
(it's at the bottom)

Don't you just want to eat him up???

Spaghetti anyone?? Fin LOVES her Daddy's spaghetti!

American Idol hear we come!!! HA! HA! Just kidding! Fin has this obsession with guitars lately! She has about 5 that she plays and sings along with. This one is our favorite! I'm not a big fan of the "Yo Gabba Gabba" cartoon that the guitar goes along with, but the tunes are pretty catchy. Kris and I will catch ourselves singing one of the songs at least once a day ;)