Sunday, January 2, 2011

December 2010

I took these pics at Thanksgiving and used some of them for our Christmas card :)

Sweet :)

One of my favorites! Luckily all these are before the "melt down" b/c she got a small splinter in her toe!

Our sweet boy!
I can't imagine what this other baby will be like :)

Fin :)

Cute :)

I love this one too!

This is a "typical" picture of them :)

10:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve :0)

Nash was too busy handing out presents to open any of his :)

She was SO excited :)

So much for my idea of matching pj's!

A White Christmas!!!

After Christmas went went to the beach for a week!
We had a play date with some of our best friends!
(Fin, Miller, Maggie, Nash & Maddox)
That's gonna be a full swing next year :)

................and a full car :)

Nashy turns 2!!!!!
We celebrated his birthday @ the beach :)
They were both a little under the weather and had been in their pj's all day!

He was SO excited about MORE presents!

He LOVES tools!!

Ready to work :)

Helping Daddy put his Big Wheel together!

Happy Birthday Nashy :)

He says "I workin!"

Silly Sissy!