Sunday, August 21, 2011


K5 Orientation

We're so glad she gets to go to school with great friends!

1st day day of Kindergarten!

By the way.......she and i hate the whole "tennis shoe" thing!
We LOVE cute shoes!!!

She's in there! She walked right in and sat down at her table........she didn't need
Mommy's help :(

................A new chapter just opened in our lives :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

8/1/2011 It's been 6 Months..........

They all look SO little compared to now!!!

She LOVES being the little momma!

This is what Nash loves doing :)

Can't wait to show him these pictures one day!

The 1st picture with the 3 of them :)

He's OBSESSED with his tools!

Look at that grin! She's in heaven!
So sweet!

Our baby girl turned 5 years-old March 2!

Happy Birthday Fin!!!

Tanner came down to the beach for Spring Break :)

They love doing whatever Tanner does :)


Doing a craft before he had to leave

She's a great swimmer!

He looks like such a baby!

Haha! They went shopping with daddy!

This picture makes me smile :)

So there's........Tanman, Fin Fin, Nashypoo and

Huck-a-bug :)

He's been into something.....


Sweet girl

He LOVES his goggles!!

Kiddos :)

Nashy loves Shark stuff!

This picture cracks me up! He'll play whatever she wants to most of the time!

Bumbo time

Hahaha! Whatever she wants to play......

Chillin in Mommy and Daddy's bed :)

Good ole Grayton :)

I know.......he's too close to the TV! But he loves it :)


His Monk-Monk HAD to be washed!!!
He laid up there and cried watching Monk-Monk be washed!

The baby :)

Well, I'm officially old!!! I turned 30 this year and it REALLY hurt! I never thought I'd have a problem with it but I did!!
Look at those sweet kids :)

Leigh came in town to help me celebrate!
29 and holding :)

Brotherly love

Very interested in Sissy's book :)


Cheese :)

Ready for bed

She loves to pose!

We're OFFICIALLY potty trained!!!!!
After 4 days of running around the house like this......he's got it :) was exhausting!!!!

Take a GOOD look at this picture b/c you'll NEVER see this again!!!!
It's pretty bad when your husband gets finished cutting your son's hair and says "Yeah, maybe next time you should take him to have it done's harder than it looks!!!"

He eats better when Fin feeds him :)


Entertaining his future girlfriend :)

Headed to the beach :)

He loves to be in the pool!

Swinging at Alys Beach

Taking after his Daddy!

Tanner came and stayed 6 weeks this summer!
He caught a 12 lb Red Snapper :)

Posing in her new bathing suit with some rosy cheeks!

My how he's grown!!!!!

I LOVE this pic!
They had movie night a lot this summer :)

Watching the fireworks!

Fin Fin


Tanner and Fin made this for him!
He thought it was so cool!!

Look what's on his shirt!!
(Notice Gray Gray! He wanted it SO bad!)

Tanner has a slight obsession with lizards!
While he was here, he taught Nash how to catch them!

4th of July

Good Morning :)

Probably his favorite thing in the world.......aside from Monk-Monk!

Fin has officially learned how to ride without training wheels since this picture was taken!!!

Talkin to Daddy


Her 1st time to hold a lizard!

What a Sweet Boy!!!

Everybody's checking out Huck's 1st time in his float :)

He will ride on his tractor for hours while Kris works in the yard :)

So this is what it looks like when Kris has to go back to work and we stay at the beach!
I'm suppose to fit in between Nash and Huck.......... :)


He looks like a football player :)

Tanner turned 13 while he was here and Kris took him zip-lining and white water rafting!
They made him wear the crown for his birthday :)

Yes.......he caught the frog all-by-himself!!!

Always happy in the morning!

More tools so he can help Daddy work :)

California Girl
(Shout out to Leigh-Leigh)

So this picture gets you up to date.........