Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's been too long......

We've been very busy this summer! To be honest I haven't felt like getting on the computer :)
Kris' Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Joe came down for a week to visit! Sadly, these are the only pictures that I took that came out right!

Fin really IS her daddy made over!! She LOVES to cook! She and "Grambonie" (a.k.a. Aunt Bonnie) did some baking :)

Look at these sweet kids................

Add another one to the pack!!! Yea! We're pregnant AGAIN :)
This is the real reason for being so behind on blogging! I've been SO sick! It's been rough, but I'm officially out of the 1st trimester and FINALLY feel like myself again! My due date is January 29th! And guess what!?! We're not finding out what it is :) It's going to be a surprise!!!

How cute is this picture?

Pat & Steph took the kids to the McWane center one afternoon :)

A Mr. Potato Head exhibit

They get along so well together :)

An afternoon at home :)

He's laughing at Fin and Tanner........

Oh no!!! This was VERY traumatic!!

Tanner turned 12 while he was here!

They made this fruit pizza with only a little help from Mimi :)
It was really good!!

Give this boy some food!

She was practicing how to blow up balloons!

Look at all that oil!!!!!!!!!
Sorry, I had to say it! We have been to the beach almost every weekend this summer and have not seen any oil :) We've been very blessed!!

My sweet boy :)

Such a handsome boy huh?

Yes.......he's got plenty of sunscreen on :)

My babies :)

Look what sissy did to him!!

Waiting to go to the pool!

Goggle boy!
He loves to wear these!

Washin their car :)

Fin chauffeurs Nash around for hours at the beach!
It's hilarious when Nash gets behind the wheel!!

Art time!
Fin's a lefty like me, maybe Nash will be too ;)