Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Night @ the Johnson House :)

When Kris and I come home from work all we want to do is put on our p.j.'s, eat, and play with our kiddos :)
The winter months really just make me want to be LAZY!

Oh...... he LOVES this!!!

He sits in there and doesn't want to get out! Fin loves it b/c she can talk to him like he's her baby and he actually does what she wants him too :)

Different night.......but Nash is in bed or HE would be in there :)

She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES my shoes! She'll say "Mommy, I'm wearin your "bug stompin" shoes!

Another night........."The Rug Train"

Now she wants to do it..........

And of course he loves it..............just chillin with his bottle! I bet they do this a hundred times around and around the house :)

This is a video of when Daddy takes over :)

This is a video of them strolling through the's kind of long, but too cute!

And that's a normal night at the Johnson house............I love my life!