Monday, November 15, 2010

A November weekend......

at the beach :)
Several of Kris' family members have been asking how the beach is since the oil spill.
Well this is as oily as we've seen it ;)

I don't know what I did, but I thought these were neat :)

He loves to wear goggles!

Grayton loves the beach :)

They were talkin about how to build a sand castle :)

The water was a little chilly :)

He's starting to love the sand! At first we weren't so sure :)

These are 2 random pics.....
They were outside helping Kris do something and it was really cold.......he REFUSED to take off his gear!

Nash loves "The Wiggles." Finlee was playing in her room and this is where we found him!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend @ the Beach

They LOVE popcicles! Look at this picture compared to the one at the top! The pictures were taken about 3 months apart and they have already changed so much !

Morning hair :)


He wanted her helmet on SO bad and then went and got on his bike!

They're both not so sure about this......

Look at her face! She didn't like how "the pumpkin guts" felt!

Cute :)

Kris got the power tools out and Nash LOVED this!!!

The power tools made pumpkin carving go a lot faster :)
She was making a ladybug pumpkin.

Happy Halloween!
(Fin was a Mermaid & Nash was Nemo)

They had some rosy cheeks and red eyes from swimming earlier that day!

Bouncing off the walls waiting to go trick-or-treating :)

We went trick-or-treating in Baytowne again this year......they loved it!!

Nash loved this! He kept standing there waiting to get more candy!

Family pic :)

They had a dance party for the kids! Our kids weren't so sure......

Nemo was done watching the other kids dance :)

I love this picture! They're watching the fireworks :)

They were spinning a boat around in circles and refused any help :)

Ha! Ha! This picture cracks us up! As you can tell they are NOT happy to be leaving!!

The next morning Nemo decided to get up and cut the grass! So far he's had to wear his costume everyday :)

Fin has been dying to go fishing with her Daddy! So Sunday morning we went out about 12 miles and caught our limit of Red Snapper in about an hour! She had a blast! She wasn't so sure about seeing the blood from the fish, but other than that she loved it!

She was excited about going back with a bunch of fish!

This is a random picture of "Mr. Fix It"........he loves tools :)