Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finlee & Nash

These are just some fun pics that Steph = the nanny (a.k.a my cousin) took of the kids! I don't know why Fin always cooperates in front of the camera when Steph takes pictures. If I'm taking the pics then Fin won't do anything!!

She's totally working the camera!!!

Ok.....this is the fake smile I ALWAYS get when she smiles for the camera!
It's cute anyway ;)

If this doesn't make you smile then nothing will!!

What a sweet boy!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Beach...

We went down to the beach house this past weekend! The weather was beautiful and so we headed to the beach on Friday but Finlee has been a little "anti-beach" this year! We decided that since Nash still naps a lot we would get Fin some water entertainment at the house....

She went crazy when she saw it! She said "Thank you Mommy and Daddy, you're the GREATEST!"

She was very hesitant to go down the slide, so of course Mommy and Daddy had to show her how fun it was!!

I think we were more excited than she was once we realized that we could play too!!

Here's chubs!! He loved it too!!

This is the look I got when I told her that her daddy and me were going on a date!! She said she wanted her daddy to stay with her!! Imagine that!!!!

Look at this picture.....everybody's looking at the camera AND smiling!!
It's got to be the best one yet!!!

But if you really know my husband then you know that this is the real family picture!! Finlee really IS her daddy made over ;)

This video is HILARIOUS!! This was after we had all the fun on the slide and Fin decided to sing us a song while her daddy played the harmonica! I don't know which one is funnier -Finlee singing her heart out or Kris in a towel, playing the harmonica and dancing!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Random pictures :)

Fin LOVES to cook with her Daddy!!

Do they look anything alike?

Mommy's little chub!

Fin and her cousin Jackson

Any resemblance??

Leigh = My best friend in the whole wide world!!!
She came in town from California for a couple of days.
(Finlee is in this picture too, but she was over the whole picture thing!)

"Hello my name is Nash and I LOVE my Mommy!!"

She loves to read to him :)

She wants to be a pirate when she grows up!! She runs around saying "Ahoy Matey!"

Monday, April 13, 2009

Please bare with me....

I'm not a computer guru so it's taking me some time to try and figure out this whole "blog" thing :) I go cross-eyed trying to arrange this page! It's all getting easier the more I play with it, but give me a while to get it all together! In the meantime here are some random pictures... (let's see if I can do this right ;)

Believe it or not, Grayton actually just
sits there while she tortures him!

They're watching a movie!

Nash's first painting!

Fin :)

She's a HUGE daddy's girl!

This was the day it snowed! They sat here forever!

Nash was only a couple of days old!

My sweet chunky boy!

She loves GrayGray!

Nash loves his big sissy already :)

"Did you say Mommy's milk?"

Fin and her bubble wand

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ok, here it goes....

So I finally broke down and created a blog! I've always said that I would never do it because it takes too much time, but now I'm officially sucked in!! My 1st post is about our Easter! We went to church on Friday night, so this Sunday morning was very relaxing :) Finlee decided that the Easter bunny could come visit as long as he didn't stay in the house! She didn't like the idea of Santa coming in the house nor did she like the Easter bunny coming in either! He brought her and Nash a basket and hid some eggs throughout the house! Have you ever watched a 3 year-old try to hunt for something? It was hilarious! The Easter bunny did come and visit, but we know the REAL reason for the holiday. What a blessing it is that Jesus died on the cross for me and I will have the reward of being in heaven with him one day!