Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ok, here it goes....

So I finally broke down and created a blog! I've always said that I would never do it because it takes too much time, but now I'm officially sucked in!! My 1st post is about our Easter! We went to church on Friday night, so this Sunday morning was very relaxing :) Finlee decided that the Easter bunny could come visit as long as he didn't stay in the house! She didn't like the idea of Santa coming in the house nor did she like the Easter bunny coming in either! He brought her and Nash a basket and hid some eggs throughout the house! Have you ever watched a 3 year-old try to hunt for something? It was hilarious! The Easter bunny did come and visit, but we know the REAL reason for the holiday. What a blessing it is that Jesus died on the cross for me and I will have the reward of being in heaven with him one day!

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