Tuesday, September 8, 2009

August pics

Lubed up and ready for the beach!

For some reason this picture makes me really sad.......SHE LOOKS SO OLD!!!

She's hilarious when she talks on her play phone ;)

Aw!!! Chubba bubba just ate!

Isabella came to play at the beach house for the weekend!

Future bride and groom :)

Good Morning!

Isabella: "Hey Nash, how many teeth do you have? I just woke up with 2 new ones!"

Haley, Jay, and Isabella came to the beach for the weekend........Kris found a new fishing buddy!!
We had a lot of fun despite the coughing, runny noses, and new teeth :)
Can't wait for the next trip!

You can always tell when he has just finished eating because his nose is orange!!

Finlee: "Take my picture Mommy......I'm asleep!"

Fin and Isabella in the bathtub.....I'm surprised Haley let Finlee get in there because she was so dirty ;)

Cheap entertainment.....up and down the driveway a hundred times!

They are both wishing they could go outside!