Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Girl's Trip to San Diego

Finlee and I decided to take a "Girls" trip out to California to see Leigh! We had SO MUCH FUN! 3 full days of parks! Our 1st day we spent the whole day at Disneyland!

In 3 days we waited in A LOT of lines!!

I think Fin needs her sunglasses!

Having a blast on the teacups!

This is the beginning......she's starting to warm up to all the excitement but did NOT want to have anything to do with the characters!

This was her FAVORITE! The Nemo's an actual submarine that goes under water! It was really neat!

Not quite sure what her and Leigh were doing, but she had just had her face painted ;)

The classic "Disney" picture!

This was at about 9 pm that night, we had done EVERYTHING and were waiting for the last ride......The Toy Story Ride! We took turns holding her waiting in line b/c she was SO TIRED!

It was SO worth it!

The next day we went to Sea World! She loved the Shamu show :)

..........and her "Shamu" drink!

It was a really neat show, but "NO" they don't get in the tank with the whales anymore!

She was dying to take our picture :)

This was also one of her favorites! They had all kinds of animals trained to do different skits! It was really neat!

She did NOT want to have her picture taken where "polar bears hibernate!"

This picture was for "Bubba"........b/c he LOVES Elmo!

This was so fun we had to do it twice ;)

After Sea for Mexican and some shopping!

Day 3!

All the stuff was so neat! EVERYTHING was made out of legos!

The park was huge! It was little kid heaven!

This was so funny! A bunch of 2-4 year olds driving cars around a track! They were constantly running into each other :)


Sweet picture! I think this is right after our 2nd melt down of the trip! She did REALLY good........only 2 the whole trip!

This was hilarious! She was all about posing until all of a sudden the witch started talking!!! If I had only had a video camera!!!!!

Sliding with Leigh-Leigh ;)

The end of a fun day @ Legoland ;)

Our last night we went out for sushi......and egg drop soup (Fin's favorite)!

Fin was wound up after dinner! On the ride home she kept asking me if "Daddy and Nash could just come out there!"

We had a GREAT time! We will definitely do it again!
Thank you Leigh! WE LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter Weekend

Easter morning we got up and figured out that the Easter bunny had hidden their baskets somewhere in the house, so while we were looking for them Fin got her hat box and made it her basket for the eggs!

They were hidden in our closet.......
(how convenient)

Nash would have probably still been asleep if it weren't for his Sissy!

Here we are once again looking for the "perfect" Easter picture!
They just never seem to want to just sit there, be still, and smile for my camera!!!!!

This ones too cute!

Not quite sure if that's drool or grass coming out of his mouth but I'll take it!
What a cute boy!!!

Look how innocent......:)

Sweet boy :)

Grayton wanted to be in the pictures too!!

She looks like a little girl.......not a baby anymore :(


"The Boys"
Kris and his brothers, B.J. & Shane

B.J. & Beth came in for a visit to pick up a new puppy! Fin got VERY attached!

This is how she was the whole time the puppy was at our house! We finally had to tell her that if she wanted a new puppy then we had to get rid of Grayton! She contemplated it for a LONG time but ended up deciding that we could wait until Grayton wanted to move somewhere else!!

This is what I found when Nash went missing.......he was trying to brush his teeth!

Relaxing after a fun, long weekend :)