Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter Weekend

Easter morning we got up and figured out that the Easter bunny had hidden their baskets somewhere in the house, so while we were looking for them Fin got her hat box and made it her basket for the eggs!

They were hidden in our closet.......
(how convenient)

Nash would have probably still been asleep if it weren't for his Sissy!

Here we are once again looking for the "perfect" Easter picture!
They just never seem to want to just sit there, be still, and smile for my camera!!!!!

This ones too cute!

Not quite sure if that's drool or grass coming out of his mouth but I'll take it!
What a cute boy!!!

Look how innocent......:)

Sweet boy :)

Grayton wanted to be in the pictures too!!

She looks like a little girl.......not a baby anymore :(


"The Boys"
Kris and his brothers, B.J. & Shane

B.J. & Beth came in for a visit to pick up a new puppy! Fin got VERY attached!

This is how she was the whole time the puppy was at our house! We finally had to tell her that if she wanted a new puppy then we had to get rid of Grayton! She contemplated it for a LONG time but ended up deciding that we could wait until Grayton wanted to move somewhere else!!

This is what I found when Nash went missing.......he was trying to brush his teeth!

Relaxing after a fun, long weekend :)

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