Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Christmas time ALREADY!!!

The Christmas tree is in the playroom.......how crazy are we!?!? That's really the only place to put it but believe it or not Nash has not bothered it that much:) Kris tied it off to the drape hangers just to make sure it wouldn't fall over...ha! ha! Please excuse the skirtless tree, I refused to get in the attic to get the rest of the decorations b/c I'm still TRAUMATIZED from my "snake encounter"........thankfully Kris is not afraid of them so everything is decorated now :)

This is my TRUE Fin :)

Nash is walking!!!! YAY!! I can't believe he's about to be 1 year old!!

My sweet baby :)

Daddy and his kiddos! They LOVE to roll all over him :)

He LOVES the camera!

This is cute but you should see some of the stuff she puts together and has a meltdown to wear! It KILLS me when things DON'T match!! Kris on the other hand would let her wear WHATEVER she put on!!!!!

This is just a short clip of Nash walking! He looks like Frankenstein when he walks :)