Monday, April 13, 2009

Please bare with me....

I'm not a computer guru so it's taking me some time to try and figure out this whole "blog" thing :) I go cross-eyed trying to arrange this page! It's all getting easier the more I play with it, but give me a while to get it all together! In the meantime here are some random pictures... (let's see if I can do this right ;)

Believe it or not, Grayton actually just
sits there while she tortures him!

They're watching a movie!

Nash's first painting!

Fin :)

She's a HUGE daddy's girl!

This was the day it snowed! They sat here forever!

Nash was only a couple of days old!

My sweet chunky boy!

She loves GrayGray!

Nash loves his big sissy already :)

"Did you say Mommy's milk?"

Fin and her bubble wand


  1. I love the blog! Finally I can keep up with ya'll. Our blog is

  2. Hi Haley...I was visiting Bethany's blog, and recognized your name. I met you at their wedding. Isabella Grace is so Perfectly beautiful....her eyes and complexion like silk.
    Congratulations on your new little girl. Kris's Mom...Kathy

  3. Beth ...guess i wrote to Haley wrong...don't know how to do this stuff.,...but I love your blog..Keep it up Please! Kathy