Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nash is 4 months

Look at these 2 pictures of Fin and Nash.....they have the same eyes

What a sweet picture!

Finlee LOVES her brother! I just had to put this picture up to show off his "man boobs!" I know he'll really love me for that one day, but he's such a chub and I LOVE it!! We went for his 4 month check up on this day and he weighed 18lbs. 12 oz!! The doctor said he is the size of a 7 month old :)

Finlee decided to put on her ballet outfit that is too small and dance around the house this morning!! She was taking ballet last fall until the horrible toe accident!!! It has just now healed back together and so we will definitely be getting back into dancing soon!

I wish I had this much energy at 7 in the morning!!

She said, "Enough with the camera Mom....I'm done!"

This is the look I got b/c I got the camera out to record her singing ;)
(it's at the bottom)

Don't you just want to eat him up???

Spaghetti anyone?? Fin LOVES her Daddy's spaghetti!

American Idol hear we come!!! HA! HA! Just kidding! Fin has this obsession with guitars lately! She has about 5 that she plays and sings along with. This one is our favorite! I'm not a big fan of the "Yo Gabba Gabba" cartoon that the guitar goes along with, but the tunes are pretty catchy. Kris and I will catch ourselves singing one of the songs at least once a day ;)

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