Sunday, October 24, 2010

October 2010

We went to the Pumpkin Patch with some of our favorite friends! It was cold that morning, but hot that afternoon! It's kind of hard to think about pumpkins when all we wanted to do was jump in the pool!

He was on a mission to find his "own" pumpkin!


Nash found his pumpkin!

Trying to find the perfect pumpkin :)

Burton, Allie, Coleson and Baby #2 due in April!

Josh, Amber, Caleb and Baby Girl due 3 weeks before us!

Fin told us that this was her favorite part of the pumpkin patch because she is going to be a babysitter when she grows up!

Our Sweet Kids :)

Can you guess how hard this was??

They'd rather be playing in the dirt :)

Daddy's boys

You would have thought this was a huge bouncy thing! It was just a bunch of cotton! Gross, I know, but she didn't want to get out :)

She was doing a makeover on him! He was SO over it!

I know he'll HATE this picture one day but I had to post it!!

Play date with "the twins" Bailey & Micah

Making Halloween cookies

Having a fashion show

Sweet boy! He wanted to be right in the middle of them!

Striking a pose!

She decided that she wanted to go outside and read him a book :)

It's amazing how dollar tree toys keep them entertained for hours :)

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