Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

Fin had parents night at her dance class again! They got to dress in their Halloween costumes :) Here she's TRYING to be shy!!!

We were waiting on her turn to dance.......sweet picture :)

Fin and Sallie...... she's definitely a favorite in our house :)

Cute picture :)
Sallie and Luke came over to play and do a halloween craft!
I ALWAYS hear how much fun they have!

We went to the beach house for Halloween! Here is Nash's black eye that he got when he slipped in the tub and hit the edge of the drain :( Poor baby! He didn't cry but a minute and the cut wasn't as deep as it looked, so no ER trip! He does have a shiner though!!

Mr. Pumpkin and Miss Butterfly

We went trick-or-treating in Baytowne! It was a lot of fun but really cold! After we went around to all the shops there was a magic show and fireworks! Fin loved it.....she's still asking us "how that man got that money out of that boy's ear?".......oh, to be a kid again :)

He didn't last long after his 7:30 bedtime :)

While at the beach I promised Kris I would give fishing one more try! I swore I would never go again after being sea sick the last time! I wore a patch behind my ear this time and it worked like a charm! We went out and and guess what!?! I caught an 18lb King Mackerel......I don't know who was more excited me or Kris :) It really was a lot of fun....I fought him for about 15 minutes and then got him in the boat :) I would have done anything to have a video camera of how excited my husband was :)

This is the video of Finlee doing "Ghostbusters" at dance class! This one is histerical!!!!
This is bound to put a little laughter in your day!


  1. I can't believe how much they are growing. We need to get together and let the kids play. If you had a facebook page you could see all of Jackson's pictures! You wouldn't believe how big he is!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures!! I so wish it had of worked out to get together for HALLOWEEN...there's always next year! Miss you guys!