Monday, October 5, 2009

September pics

They had parents night at Fin's dance class so we got to go see what she has learned! There's a video at the end of her tapping! They do ballet and tap. It brought back a lot of memories of when I was her age and we learned "shuf-fle step"!

This is probably the only time she sat still!

Look at that hair! You should be a fly on the wall at our house when its bath time and we have to wash it!

She's a pool shark!

Anybody who knows Grayton, knows that he was TOTALLY okay with this as long as he could be in the house!

She's a little mommy!

I could just eat him up!!!

He loves to swing!!

Bath she has to wear a towel on her head like Mommy does :)

Say Cheese!!

Steph and the kids......this is the art project they did that day.......such a good nanny :)

This video CRACKS me up! She's may look like me to some people but she's a "little Kris!" :)

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